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Rita Allen Foundation Misinformation Solutions Forum

The Rita Allen Foundation, in partnership with RTI International and the Aspen Institute, is accepting ideas to be featured at the Misinformation Solutions Forum. Interventions should be focused on reducing behaviors that lead to the spread of misinformation or encouraging behaviors that can lead to the minimization of its influence. The funders encourage proposals for interventions with technological, educational, and/or community-based components. Projects involving science communication, public health and diverse populations are of special interest. Ideas should be submitted by teams of at least two people with skills, expertise, experiences and networks that can help their solution take shape and reach key audiences. The funders welcome submissions from a wide array of innovators, including academic researchers, communication and technology professionals, journalists, health professionals, community leaders, advertisers and educators. Ideas can include plans for primary research, but the research should be designed in collaboration with someone (e.g., a government official, technologist, or community leader) in the position to put findings into action. Teams whose ideas are selected will receive travel funds for up to two team members to participate in the forum, which will be an opportunity for up to five teams to further hone and develop their ideas with input from a variety of industry professionals, funders and experts. To catalyze further development and deployment of solutions, as part of the forum two of the participating teams will be selected to receive Misinformation Solution Prizes, with a top prize of $50,000 and an additional prize of $25,000. These prizes will recognize the ideas with the most promise to positively shift the information-sharing landscape.


Deadline: May 31, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT

Click here to read the full application guidelines, including detailed eligibility requirements.