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Environmental Research and Education Foundation Research Grant

EREF is accepting pre-proposals for research in sustainable solid waste management in one of the following areas:

  • waste minimization
  • recycling
  • waste conversion to energy, biofuels, chemicals and other useful products (this includes, but is not limited to: waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion, composting, other thermal or biological conversion technologies)
    strategies to promote diversion to higher and better uses (e.g. organics diversion, market analysis, optimized material management, logistics, etc.)
  • landfilling

Desirable aspects of the above topics, in addition to or as part of hypothesis driven applied research, also include: economic or cost/benefit analyses, feasibility studies for untested technologies or management strategies, life cycle analysis or inventory, and analyses of policies that relate to the above. Average grant amount is $160,000 over two (2) years. Principal investigators must be qualified to do the work proposed and should be experts in the subject matter referenced in the pre-proposal/proposal. EREF will not pay overhead costs in excess of 25%. Pre-proposals that did not receive an invitation to submit a full proposal may re-submit a revised version of the original pre-proposal once, and thereafter, approval must be obtained by EREF beforehand.


Pre-Proposal Deadline: June 1, 2018


Click here to read the full application guidelines, including detailed eligibility requirements.